Core Values (PEACE)

  • Pioneers: we innovate and push for boundless creativity through curiosity.
  • Exceed Expectations: we understand our colleagues and client’s needs and always exceed expectations.
  • Act with Integrity: we are accountable for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and our company.
  • Challenge Ourselves: we commit ourselves to continuously improving our performance and pushing through our comfort barriers.
  • Engage Fearlessly: we speak up and listen. We value those who speak thoughtfully, encourage and respect diversity of opinion and listen carefully with an open mind.

Our Vision

  • To be pioneers in providing accountable, smart and diversatile solutions that will exceed our client expectations.

Our Mission

  • Is dedication to the highest quality of delivered services. Competing with international companies’ standards and quality.


  • Cased Hole: Cement evaluation, casing integrity, pipe recovery, production logging, Formation evaluation.
  • Open Hole: Sonic, formation testing, induction, resistivity, nuclear
  • Perforation

Cased Hole Overview

  • Challenges that custom faces daily whether open hole logging not feasible, or issues with production to understand why it happened and how to solved them. That is where we step in and give the customer solutions that are reliable and robust using high end technology.

Open Hole Overview

  • Visualizing downhole conditions is equivalent to creating a 3D image easy to comprehend, is what we in GDMC are eager to provide using high end technology and high interpretation software to give a better reservoir enhanced values for the customer.
Cased Hole

Cement Evaluation

  • CBL/VDL/Ultrasonic Scan Imaging Tool.
  • Radial Bond Tool.

Casing Integrity

  • Ultrasonic Scan Imaging Tool.
  • Multi-Finger Imaging Tool.
  • Magnetic Thickness detector.

Formation Evaluation

  • Reservoir Performance Monitor.

Production Logging

  • Short Combination Production Logging Tool.
  • Multi-Array Production Services.
Open Hole