Our History

Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Company was established in 1982 to service the petroleum and water sectors. Early activities included water well drilling and related operations, primarily slickline services.

Soon after, GDMC began expanding, introducing Coiled Tubing services along with pumping and filtering capabilities. Other services followed and, currently, GDMC is a fully integrated oilfield service operator.

Vision and Mission

Vision – To Provide qualtiy services with results that can be measured.

Mission – Deliver quality service and customer value ensuring the safety of all concerned while maintaining personnel commitment , trust and imagination.

Quality Policy

Gulf Drilling & Maintenance Company is committed to :

  • Excel in its services related to the supply of oilfiled services to the petroleum industry.
  • Ensure complete satisfaction of customers by meeting their expectations.
  • Provide services using state-of-the-art equipment and complying with international standards.
  • Continuously diversify its area of activities through research and development.
  • Establish ISO 9000 Quality Management System and strive for continuous inprovements in all actitivites.

GDMC-Saudi Arabia Branch

KSA-Establishment, Start-up & Operations History

  • Slickline contract awarded to GDMC on 24/01/2016.
  • Equipment & Tools orders preparation period.
  • Start-up KSA facility construction & Preparation 01/04l2016.
  • Start-up Slickline Operation (First job on 04/07/2016; On Rig PD-174 & HRDH-1819; Gas Well, Depth: 16,420 Ft and had done Excellent job).
  • GDMC-KSA Have done 35 Slickline jobs up to date with a good evaluation.

KSA-Slickline Capabilities

  • Qty # 3 Onshore Landline units, Elmar, Zone II ATEX, Netherland
    * Fishing package equipped with 0.160” SL Wire.
  • Qty # 3 Onshore Landline units, Gulf Coast, Rig safe, USA.
  • Qty # 2 Offshore Slimline unites, Elmar, Zone II ATEX, USA.