GDMC operates a conventional, fully computerized, separator based, fleet of well test units. Our separators’ enhanced design sets them apart from the other conventional separators, providing superior production rates measurements, a wide range of intervals specific to each application and makes them suitable for a full range of gas/oil ratio, pressure and flow rates measurements. The horizontal design offers also the advantage of large gas/liquid and oil/water interfaces retention time to speed and enhance the separation process. All equipment is rated for high H2S and CO2 concentration operations.

Keeping up with the market needs, GDMC offers also a 15K testing set up, giving us the capacity to operate on these high pressure wells.

DST set ups and downhole pressure and temperature monitoring are also part of our testing services as well as downhole and surface sampling. As per client needs, GDMC also offers Early Production Facilities that could be manned by our own personnel or by client operators if so desired.  Various Tests handled by us are:

  • Production Test
  • HPHT Wells
  • Service Sampling
  • Exploration Operation
  • Gas Well
  • Heavy Oil Test
  • Extended Production Test

Our Achievements

  • Working with HPHT wells.
  • Holding highest market share in the heavy oil .
  • Involving in the full packages jobs ( Separator, Tanks, Burner…Etc)
  • Exploration wells operation.
  • Implementing MPFM meters ( Source and source less)