GDMC offers a Well Intervention program for the following: Xmas trees and associated valves, wellheads and production tubing. As per this program, a comprehensive database is kept for all covered assets and a preventive maintenance schedule is set up to insure continued smooth and safe operations and uninterrupted well production.
GDMC provides on-line valve maintenance services and wellhead maintenance services to its clients, helping improve operational status and equipment reliability. Different programs are offered: a routine maintenance program consisting of a set of procedures as per client requirements and manufacturer recommendations and a non-routine maintenance program consisting of repairing an item that is not fit for purpose.

GDMC, along with service partners, also offers:

  1. A corrosion monitoring program to maximize inhibitor deployment procedures
  2. A leak detection and repair service
  3. Production tubing scanning on the fly, minimizing cost and rig down time

Our Achievements

In September 2017 GDMC’s expertise and professionalism was acknowledged and rewarded with the award of the Well Intervention and Associated Services (WHM) contact for the next five years for all KOC fields and plants.

The awarded contract, number 17052583, is for the provision of Well Head Maintenance services and all the other services associated with the supply including Valve and Header Maintenance, Repair and Refurbishment Services. Within the contract the provision of all the requisite materials, tools, equipment and specialized personnel as well as the supply of all required materials for Christmas Tree Maintenance.

As a part of the contract calibration of surface safety valves (SSV), power supplies for chemical injection pumps, repair services for valves will be processed and handled by the well head maintenance workshops using the latest equipment. All relevant spare parts, additional items, as well as the introduction of new technologies will also be processed.

The contract also includes the more labor-intensive services of well cleaning, crude oil handling, and Gas, Gas Condensate and water handling services.

GDMC will under the contract provide training specialists to provide the required training and expert support. The contract also calls for the potential to utilize Kuwaiti manpower after having been fully trained in all aspects of the job.

The awarded contract has a mobilization and preparation period of a few months after the date of the initial signing for both the personnel, equipment, as well as the facilities and materials, to be in place before setting the official commencement date for work to begin.

Therefore, let us give the company and all the involved personnel which have participated in this deserved award our compliments and extend our full support for the future expansion of the GDMC group.”